Restaurateur - Are you ready to make money off empty tables?
R2N can help you, if you have the follow challenges with your restaurant:
  • You regularly have empty tables?
  • Marketing is expensive compared to your return?
  • You are considering deal offers but are worried about the impact it might have on your buisiness in the long run?

We believe in a solid cooporation based on the well being of your buisiness for several years – this is where R2N differentiates from deal-offer concepts who are only interested in the here and now. Through our website and application you can easily manage the number of tables and discount percentages from day to day. We give you full control of your own restaurant!

Watch our video "R2N for restaurateurs"

The video covers the advantages of the R2N concept, explained in a easy and simple way. The video takes 3 minutes, and covers everything you need to know about R2N.

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Having a hard time filling all of you tables?

R2N will market and sell your available tables to customers who are interested in a spontaneous food experience. You manage how many talbes you want to offer each day and at what discount.

Get promoted before more than 100.000 restaurant visitors?

More than 100.000 users have downloaded our app, which makes it easy for users to book tables on their favourite restaurants, while on the move

A profile with us, gives you access to every user who books tables while on the move, using the R2N app!

Marketing is expensive compared to my return!

When you enter in a partnership with us we make sure our many users will notice your restaurant. By working with R2N you get:

  • A restaurantprofile on www.r2n.dk with your own login
  • Promotion in our app for iPhone and Android when you have active offers
  • Posts on our Facebook profile
  • Newsletter exposure with your restaurant as the theme
  • Trustworthy reviews from the customers who visits your restaurant through R2N
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How does it work?

We have designed at system that doesn't interfere with your restaurants current workflow. When your restaurant's profile is configured the system works like this:

    • The customer reserves a table at your restaurant through our app or website.
    • Your restaurant's telephone will be called by our system which informs you or your employees of the reservation. You then press "1" to confirm the reservationen and "2" if you for some reason are forced to decline the reservation. Simple.
Our restaurant partners who have tried both coupon deals and our setup tell us 
that we are both the most valuable and the cheapeast service on the market for marketing restaurants

We asked why:
“We love R2N, firstly because we can seamlessly sell our tables outside the busy periods, and secondly because we get many new first-timers to our restaurant.”
”My partnership with R2N costs me an average of 10% of the revenue the guests bring into the restaurant - That's incrediby cheap compared to the alternatives.”
“R2N helps our restaurant reach a very wide segment of guests, and is thereby a marketing platform that brings us more loyal customers.”
Ready for new guests starting today?

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Alternatively you can:
  • Call us now on +45 30 95 00 29

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"Et godt koncept. Både fordi der er et godt udvalg af forskellige restauranter - vi kommer fra..." Diana Merlung (Klemensker)

"Godt koncept. Vi bestilte med en halv times varsel og fik omgående bekræftelse." BirgerLous-Willerup (Kokkedal)

"Super koncept! Nemt at bruge!" Bettina (København V)