The terms of use, and our protection of personal data and cookie policy (terms) is your contract with Restaurant 2 Night ApS (R2N). If you are a restaurateur and have cooperation with us, then you are also subject to the terms, together with your ordinary contract with R2N.

The terms apply to the domain www.r2n.dk and the R2N app for iPhone and Android, hereinafter called (the R2N) platforms.

Please read the terms carefully, before using our platforms. We reserve the right to revise these terms of use from time to time, in such case you will be asked to approve them once more.

If you do not accept these terms, then it’s not possible to book through our platforms.

  1. There are no user fees at R2N. So, it is free to create a profile and use the services.

  2. In order to create a profile on R2N, you must provide your mobile phone number. You hereby agree, that we are allowed to send you text messages regarding your reservations at R2N and general information about the service. You further agree that we pass on your contact details to the restaurant, where you have booked a table.

  3. It is not allowed to create a profile that can be associated with another person. It is also not allowed to disclose others' e-mail addresses, addresses, phone numbers or other contact information. In cases of harassment this will be reported to the police with the IP number and time of creation.

  4. When you provide your email address to R2N, you give us the opportunity to send you your password if you have forgotten it.

  5. By signing up to R2N's newsletter, you agree that we may send out newsletters. E-mail newsletters may contain advertisements, but your mail will NEVER be shared with third-party.

  6. R2N reserves the right to contact you via your e-mail or mobile phone, in case of administrative issues (e.g. information about a reservation or in relations to your profile). And we reserve the right to contact you by mail, with the purpose of collecting information about your restaurant experiences, and general information about the R2N service, also if you are not subscribed to the newsletter.

  7. Reviews
    It is possible to evaluate your restaurant visits on the R2N platforms. To do this you must be logged on your user profile and have a registered visit at the restaurant on your reservation list. The purpose of only allowing users who have a registered visit to the restaurant to write reviews, is to make each review more credible and minimize inappropriate use or hidden agendas.

    All reviews are displayed as long as the writing is formulated in a constructive manner – eg. there are not included profanity, racist statements or otherwise derogatory language. Furthermore, it is not allowed to promote other restaurants or competing concepts in a review on R2N.

    R2N reserves the right alone to assess whether a review meets the requirements above. It is however still your own responsibility that your reviews abide by these requirements.

  8. No-show policy
    When you make a reservation at R2N, then it is binding to the extent that you commit to meeting at that time.
    If you are unable to attend, you MUST contact the restaurant via the telephone number provided and inform it to the restaurant.
    If you do not remember to cancel the restaurant reservation, the restaurant will then inform R2N that you were "no-show" and R2N will then reconsider the validity of your user profile and ultimately disable your profile.

  9. Terms of the service
    Please note that the restaurant is directly providing the services you order using the service, and not R2N. By using the service to book a table at the restaurant you have chosen, you will be making an agreement with the particular restaurant, not R2N.

    The service enables you to reserve tables at R2Ns partner restaurants. R2N is solely intended to provide contact between the restaurateur and users, and therefore cannot be held responsible for the user experience of the restaurant visit. This is the restaurant's individual responsibility. 

    A reservation is binding by the user when the user presses "book”.

    Note: It is not allowed to make the same reservation two days in a row with different user profiles to maximize the discount.

    It is not possible to change a reservation made directly at one of R2Ns partners, to a reservation through R2N with discount.

    A reservation is binding from the restaurant's side when the restaurant approves the reservation and status changes from "pending" to "approved" in the user's reservation list. The user will then receive a text message, or notification, as a receipt. In rare cases it can happen, that the restaurant afterwards cancels the booking, which R2N cannot be held responsible for.

    Please note that the discount you obtain by ordering through R2N, applies to the entire bill, however not applicable on vines that cost more than DKK 1.000 a bottle. The discount on drinks in general, is only achieved if the drinks are purchased with food. It is furthermore not possible to pay with a gift card or voucher, and still get the R2N discount.

    The discount applies only when dining in the restaurant (not for take-away) and discount is provided exclusively on products that are not already reduced in price.

    Payment in the restaurant. It is expected that a R2N company pays combined. If you want to share the expenses, then please do so afterwards, maybe by using mobile pay or similar.

  10. Personal information
    10. All personal data is treated confidentially and will not be disclosed without the user's consent. You agree, however, that personal information may be disclosed to the restaurant they make a reservation at. Pleases see our protection of personal data and cookie policy, for further information.

  11. Unsubscribing
    a. You can always delete your user profile on R2N 
    b. You can always unsubscribe to newsletters from R2N

  12. Violation
    All forms of abuse of the R2N platforms, are automatically logged and the individual may be prosecuted.

  13. Proprietary rights in content on R2N
    R2N owns and retains all proprietary rights of the platform and service. The site contains copyrighted material, trademarks and other intellectual property and proprietary information of R2N.
    You may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, reproduce, license, create derivative works from, transfer, display or sell or resell such intellectual property or proprietary information.

  14. Our liability
    To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law we exclude all liability arising from perceived errors or omissions in connection with the service before, during or after the restaurant visit.

    To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law we exclude all liability arising from the fact that a restaurant does not live up to what is stated in the restaurant profile including printing and spelling errors. The restaurant fills independently its profile and is solely responsible for the content validity.

    To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law, we expressly disclaim all warranties and conditions, express or implied, but not limited to implied warranties and conditions of satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose. You cannot hold us responsible for any damages resulting from your access (including any software or systems you use to access) to our service, but not limited to damages to computer, software or systems or portable devices you use to the same purposes.

  15. Trademarks
    R2N and Restaurant 2 Night is either registered or unregistered trademarks, that belongs to Restaurant 2 Night ApS. All other trademarks mentioned in connection with our service, is owned by their respective owners. There is no permission for anyone to use them, and such use may constitute a violation of our rights or the relevant owner's rights.

  16. R2N can always block or remove (delete) a profile without warning, if we believe that one or more of the above requirements are not met.


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