The R2N-concept is founded on the same principles as last-minute travel, where seats are sold at a reduced price when the day of departure is close by, to utilize the capacity. Watch a fun video that explains the R2N-concept.

R2N is for you who want:

  • Easy and free access to food experiences at a reduced price
  • The same freedom as when you make a regular reservation (your choice on the menu - no discount menus)
  • Discount on both food and drinks
  • Quality assurance and inspiration from the thousands of user reviews
  • More impulsivity - inspired by the southern "eating out" culture
  • A website providing information in a clear way and offers users the best possible price, product and service
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To the restaurant industry R2N gives:

  • Access to a proven concept (the principle of last minute travel) where you can use your available capacity optimally
  • An inexpensive marketing channel which guaranteed gives a profit
  • Relevant and credible feedback from the guests who have visited the restaurant
  • Ability to provide consumers with exciting offers without having to compromise on quality and service


Since the purpose of the website is to fill restaurants available tables, and promote extra motivation to get out and experience, R2N will try to create a coorporation between the parties. We do this by offering substantial discounts on the entire bill if you make a reservation in a short notice.

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With a R2N-booking the discount applies for both food and drinks. The discount depends on the day you book. The less time there is for the reservation, the more discount you will get. The discounts vary by the day and is determined by the restaurant owners. They can choose to put a higher percentage if they find it difficult to devote the last tables or continue the chosen discount if tables are torn away. In this way, it is the market - users and restaurants - that sets the price.


With R2N do not worry about being treated differently than "regular" guests. With a R2N-booking, you have exactly the same freedom to choose what you want on the menu. You will not be deceived by unnaturally high standard prices or discount menus that do not have the quality that you would expect.


R2N differs from other discount pages by greatly emphasizing your experiences and therefore collects reviews of restaurant visits. You evaluate your restaurant experiences with a description and character, which allows other users to be inspired and possibly help make an easier decision. You can be sure that reviews are written by someone who has actually visited the restaurant, and you do not risk that the review is written by a restaurateur himself. We can assure this because in order to write a review, you must be logged in and have a registered visit at the restaurant. These measures do that reviews on R2N do not appear to be written with a hidden agenda.


"Fine tilbud hos gode restauranter." Klaus (København N)

"Alt fungerede 100%. Tak for det!" Yulia (København V)

"Elsker jeres app og tjekker hver gang jeg er ude og spise om det er muligt at bestille bord med..." Heidi Jensen (København S)