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How do I book a table?

Every day at 10.30 (and already at 10.00 if you are registered R2Ns newsletter) a number of R2N-tables are released at restaurants, where you for free can make a reservation directly on the site. All that is required is that you create a user profile with email address and mobile phone number. Thus, we can send you a confirmation by text message, which is your proof of your booking.



How does the discounts work?

The R2N concept is based on, that a reservation made closer to today provides higher discount on the bill. For this reason, there will of course be the most money to save, by waiting for the day of the visit to reserve a table. A risk by waiting too long to book a table is of course, that the table you had interest in booking, may be booked the day before by another guest.


      • If you book a table for the day after tomorrow, you can for example get a 10 % discount
      • If you book a table for tomorrow, you can for example get a 20 % discount
      • If you book a table for tonight, you can for example get a 30 % discount

A R2N-booking can not be combined with other discounts.



Should I point out that I am entitled to a discount?

When you show up for your reservation, you provide your mobile phone number and that you have ordered through R2N. The restaurant has obviously been instructed on the applicable discount, so everything should be fully in place. Does the restaurant seems busy, and does the waiter not say anything, we recommend that you just check the bill before payment, after all, in some cases, mistakes can happen. Thus, everything settled, but most often the restaurant will show that they understand that you must get the agreed discount.



Does the restaurant know that I will show up and that I should get a discount?

Yes, we always call the restaurant during the booking process.



What do I do if the discount is not automatically deducted from my bill?

Please point it out politely. If the discount is not deducted from the bill, it is important that you subsequently contact R2N and tell about your experience.



What do I do if the restaurant will not give me my entitled discount?

This is a very unlikely scenario. But there are some users who have expressed a concern, as they understandably do not want to stand in such a situation. First you should show your text message and possibly ask to speak with the restaurant manager, since it may be because the employee has not been informed of the agreement the restaurant has concluded with R2N. If the restaurant under no circumstances will accept the discount, it is important that you subsequently contact R2N and tell about your experience. We will then contact the restaurant and correct irregularities or ultimately terminate cooperation with the restaurant.


How is the discount shown on the bill?

This varies from restaurant to restaurant depending on their POS system. On some restaurant bills the discount appears in the bottom, and on others it is simply pulled off on every single thing.



How can I be sure that the service works and I get my discount?

R2Ns system contacts the restaurant with the reservation and they approve or cancel the reservation. This ensures that the restaurant is aware that you are coming. Subsequently, you will receive a text message with approval/cancellation of your reservation.



Is R2Ns service safe?

Yes. R2Ns service is free, which means that you only need to provide mobile number and email address. These credentials are kept in an encrypted database and under no circumstances shared with others.



Why does it sometimes takes longer, before I receive my confirmation text message?

There is an average time for processing the booking of approx 5 minutes, but sometimes the restaurant takes a little longer to answer our call - like when you call, and there might be busy. If you are unsure about your reservation status, you can find information under "my reservations" in the profile menu to the left. (Note: You must be logged in to your profile first)



What do I do if I do not receive a text message, even though my reservation status is confirmed (approved/canceled)?

There may be two reasons:

      • There are errors in the telephone network (your text message may be delayed).
        • Instead print a copy of your booking overview and bring it as documentation.
      • You have changed phone number since you created your profile.
        • The error can not be corrected in the current reservation, so you must print a copy of your booking overview and take this as documentation to the restaurant.
        • Make sure to correct the error prospectively by changing the phone number in your menu under "login data".



Why was my reservation canceled?

If you receive a text message with cancellation of your booking and/or it says in your reservation list, that your reservation has been rejected, this is due to the fact that the restaurant has been forced to cancel the reservation. It happens rarely, but sometimes it can happen that a restaurant cannot accommodate a reservation, even though the restaurant put the table available for R2Ns users. Reasons for this may be:

      • The restaurant has on its own taken guests to the table, but not reached to remove its offer of R2N before reservation registered in our system.
      • The restaurant has extraordinary had to close due to illness, power failure, or other sudden obstacle and have not had time to remove its offer at R2N.



How do I cancel my reservation?

Once you have made a reservation at R2N it is binding and cannot be canceled on the website. If you should be unable to attend to an agreed booking, it is your responsibility as a registered guest to contact the restaurant and inform about this. You will get the restaurant's phone number available when you book a table. The information is also available under "my reservations" in your personal profile menu. If you do not cancel your reservation, the restaurant will contact you via the contact information we have given them and inform R2N about your lack of attendance. If R2N keeps experiencing that our restaurant repeatedly detects that a particular user profile does not show up at the agreed reservations, we reserve the right to reconsider the validity of the profile and ultimately close the profile.



"No offers today" - What does this mean, when it is on a restaurant photo?

There may be following reasons for the reservation to be closed at the time at a restaurant:

      • R2N-tables at the restaurant is sold out.
      • The restaurant does not offer tables with R2N-discount on that day.
      • The restaurant is closed on that day.
      • R2N is not open for booking (Happens late at night, when we no longer have the option to call restaurants).



It says that there are no more tables at the restaurant, but when I called the restaurant, I got a table?

The restaurant chooses the number of R2N-tables, they want to make available. When it says there are no more tables at the restaurant, it only applies for R2N-tables. There may be available tables, if you call the restaurant, but then you will not receive a R2N-discount.



A restaurant has put me as a "no-show", but it's not true!

If you canceled your reservation by telephone in time, or you showed up for the reservation, and you are still registered as "no-show", please contact R2N at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us about the situation. Make sure you describe your experience, R2N will then have the opportunity to compare it with the restaurant's description.



How to define "no-show"?

There are two things that can cause that you are registered as no-show.

      • Absence or lack of cancellation of booking. If you do not call the restaurant and unregister your booking but do not show up, the restaurant will register as a "no-show".
      • Late arrivals. Most restaurants keep the table for about 15 minutes, and they are usually very understanding, but if you do not show up on time, the restaurant is allowed to give your table to another guest and therefore register as a "no-show".



There seems to be graphical errors on the site?

The site is optimized for Internet browser EXPLORER 7 and later version. This means that if you have an older version that EXPLORER 7, there may be some errors in view of the page. However, this will not affect your booking options. If you want to update your internet browser, so you are guaranteed optimum view of the page, you can do so via the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/danmark/windows/internet-explorer/default.aspx.



What is the user terms for R2N?

You have already accepted the terms of use when creating your profile, but since there may be additions, you can keep yourself updated by pressing: here!


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